Perk up and stay steady with our stone ground, hand picked matcha. Organically grown and sourced from the Nishio region of Japan, this blend is what you need to get a move on the day.

Gentle matcha flavour. Round and creamy thanks to coconut.

Vegan. Sugar Free. Organic.

20-30 Servings = 100g

Ingredients: Organic matcha, organic coconut milk powder and organic moringa.


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  • Mix one flat Teaspoon of Blume with a splash of hot water, mix until frothy. Heat 1.5 cups of milk of choice. Add Blume and water mixture to milk and serve with a little maple syrup or honey. Can be served cold as well!

    Also makes great smoothies and oatmeal bowls.

    • 100 times the antioxidants of brewed green tea.
    • High in iron, riboflavin, vitamin A and B6.
    • Caffeine buzz without the crash.

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